AI in Digital Marketing: How Machine Learning is Changing the Marketing Game

AI in Digital Marketing: How Machine Learning is Changing the Marketing Game

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already been used in businesses to improve sales, marketing, service and e-commerce. Yet, there are still businesses out there missing out on the game changing technology.

Due to new computing technologies, machine learning today is not like machine learning of the past, it upgrading very fast day by day. AI machine learning can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human involvement.

When they are exposed to new data, the can independently adapt and learn from previous data to produce reliable, repeatable decisions and results. While many machine learning algorithms have been around for a long time, the capability to automatically perform calculations to big data have become much faster.

Have you ever wondered how Netflix and YouTube are recommending you movies and ads that they think you might like or can relate to you? That’s because they are using machine learning to analyse your history to put out suggestions.

AI technology can hone your marketing and sales, as it can capture data, analyse and use it to personalise a shopping experience or implement a marketing campaign. Businesses integrating AI technology can work more efficiently and gain an advantage over competitors.

Marketing is being transformed as AI is used to analyse data and consequently guide user’s decisions. A few major drivers of AI machine learning marketing include:

Chatbots: Machine learning has enabled chatbots to communicate naturally and engage in conversations with customers. It can also evaluate the user’s reactions and give them personalised offers within seconds.

Personalising customer experiences: Websites and ecommerce stores are able to grab the opportunity of micro-moments and optimise the overall user experiences by determining the suitable price threshold for each user, displaying personalized ads, serving tailored videos content, and offering relevant recommendations.

Predicting customer behaviour: AI can gather and analyse data which will help predict things like which prospects are likely to respond to certain offers, which products customers will want to buy next or the preferred devices and channels used to get to a brand’s website and etc.

With an increasing demand for machine learning computer tools, digital marketing agencies are constantly keeping track of new AI technology and updating their strategies. When businesses are trying to do their own digital marketing, they are missing out on new opportunities like AI programs which could significantly build a firm foundation for their business.

Marketers are already leveraging the power of AI to gather valuable insights about customers. Just over half of marketers (51%) currently use AI, whereas 27% are planning to incorporate AI in the future.