How To Marketing To: Millennials

How To Marketing To: Millennials

Many business owners are finding millennials the trickiest group of consumers to appeal to as they are the largest generation and make up a large portion of consumers. Marketing to young adults should not be daunting.

If you educate yourself on who they are and what they want, it will be simple to implement marketing strategies that will get you results. Muscle Media, a Digital Marketing Brisbane agency are experts in targeting this group.

So who are they (Millennials) ?

They are born between 1981 to 1996 and are highly educated. Millennials are an extremely tech-savvy generation where they need immediate gratification, living a ‘post-worthy’ and filtered life with an overall sense of immediacy. This changed the way businesses started to market themselves.

They are just like any other group of consumers, but the only difference is that they respond to marketing in different ways than previous generations. They are a group of consumers who are ready to spend, but tend to do research before buying, where 57% of millennials will compare prices before making a purchase.

Therefore, businesses looking to sell to this generation will need to find ways to stand out from competition.  These are some best tips for attracting the attention of sceptical millennials.

Be at The Top of Search Engines!

As 57% of this consumer group are constantly searching and planning during their decision-making process, it is extremely important to think about how your business can be in front of competitors. What better way to do that than through SEO and PPC strategies! As 90% of people don’t go past page 1 on Google Search results.

With better and improved SEO techniques, search engines like Google will recognise your website and rank you higher. Whereas with PPC techniques, businesses can instantly pay to put their ads at the top and retarget those who are searching for similar businesses.

Instant Gratification

We live in a digital era where everything is available immediately through our technology. In the past, businesses have had little interaction directly with consumer. But now with emails, private messaging and commenting, we must maintain correspondence with consumers to build report and trust that can easily grow business success.

Most of the times, these instant feedbacks from customers are useful for future business improvements and eliminate future complaints. Millennials are often on mobile devices, looking for answers to immediately pressing problems they want quickly.

A way to go about this is to offer fast solutions such as, implementing an appointment booking or shopping cart system on your website.

Authentic Content Empowers Them

An average of 25 hours per week Millennials are spending online, where they crave content-driven media. They are constantly browsing on websites, blogs and on social media because they feel empowered by all the remarkable content they are discovering.

By sharing, liking, tweeting, snapping and commenting on their findings gives them sense of empowerment to the online community. 43 per cent of millennials choose authenticity over content, in which authentic content and opinions influence their buying decision.

Therefore, if your business is creating authentic content, and your customers share their opinion or like your posts, then your business will be shown to other consumers who have the same interests and most likely are in the same market. Content marketing is key when it comes to this consumer group!

Get On Social Media

This is probably the most obvious one. Millennials are the experts and the most involved on Social Media. They also prefer to interreact on these channels and follow brands they are loyal to. Facebook and Instagram are key platforms to have. It is the perfect opportunity for businesses to build their online presence and following.

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