Top 6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Top 6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

As we know that Social media marketing is an important part of digital marketing. People generally do some mistakes on there. Here is the Top 6 social media marketing mistakes that I thought the biggest social media marketing mistakes.

1. Not Being Social

So often we see companies simply broadcasting their sales messages rather than using social media to be well… social!  Have a conversation! Ask questions, respond to questions and always remember that you have two ears and a mouth so listen twice as much as you speak!

2. Not linking it to your overall marketing strategy

Don’t just jump on the social media bandwagon without linking it back to your overall marketing strategy. Think about what your business is trying to achieve and how best social media can help you with this. Who is it you want to talk to and which (if any) social networks are they using?

Similarly try to integrate your offline marketing efforts with your online efforts – otherwise everything gets a little fragmented.

3. Thinking it’s all about marketing

Yes social media is about marketing for businesses, but not just marketing in the promotional sense. It’s also about:

Research: Learning more about what your customers want (perhaps this will lead to tweaks in your service or a new product).

HR: People see your fabulous social media presence and get a sense of what your brand is and want to work for you.

Customer Service: You can develop a reputation for great customer service via social media
Relationships with stakeholders – if you have a great social media presence perhaps suppliers will want to work and support you more. Perhaps investors will take note and who knows you may find a new investor.

4. Valuing Quantity over Quality

You’ve got 5000 followers and you’re only following 3 people!  Good for you – but surely this means you didn’t listen to point 1 and are a bit rubbish at the social side of social media?   Similarly if you have 10,000 followers in Outer Mongolia and none in the UK yet you are selling in the UK surely this is ego at its best?

I always say quality over quantity and don’t just measure number of follows/likes but measure results – how much traffic has it driven to your website, how many people read your article, how many people did whatever you wanted them to as a result of social media?

5. Not thinking about the reader

A lot of organisations don’t take a step back and really think about what it is their customers/stakeholders/future staff want to hear/read/see/view. My advice would be to put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes and ask yourself what it is they want from your brand. Better still if you already have a following why not ask them what they want!

6. Not measuring what you do

What’s the point in spending a shed load of time on social media if you aren’t monitoring whether or not it’s working for you. There are some examples of measurement tools in this article. Indeed a lot of businesses don’t even realise you can see how many visitors your website has had as a result of which social channels – if something is working – do more of it. If something is not working – change it but, how do you know unless you measure.

What do you think the biggest social media marketing mistakes are ? What have I missed ? Have you learnt any valuable lessons that you would like to share in the comments ?

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