How Instagram and Facebook Algorithm Works and How to Make It Work For You!

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Remember when Instagram and Facebook were chronological, and you would never miss a thing? Well things have changed and will continue to over the next several months. Have you noticed your content posts from your business accounts haven’t received as many likes or comments as they did a year ago?

Well you’re not the only one – unless if you are a famous social influencer with 10k+ followers, many businesses are on the same boat as you. It has been difficult for small to medium businesses to even get their brand out there organically, unless they are investing a lot of money into paid sponsored posts and ads.

Mark Zuckerberg who owns both Instagram and Facebook, have decided to increase interactions between friends and families, which consequently decreases the visibility of posts from businesses and brands.

This major change has upset a lot of online users that they’ve even started a petition!  According to the article, predictions on the decline in organic reach on both Instagram and Facebook and an increase in sponsored posts/ ad prices since the algorithm change have come true.

Therefore, social media marketing has never been so important and competitive, so don’t give up on social media just yet!

Here we have some helpful advices for your business social media accounts so don’t panic. We have put together 5 long-term user engagement strategies for your business.

Put your money into ads and influencers!

Whilst Facebook and Instagram ad prices have increased over the past few months, it is still a viable option for businesses to invest in that has a high ROI outcome. According to Forrester, Instagram ads have the highest engagement rate of 4.21% out of all social media platforms.

Affiliate and influencer marketing are also increasing, where social media influencers who already have a huge following are being paid by companies to promote their brand or product. This is a cost-effective approach that allows businesses to expose their brand to a wider market.

Just remember to promote with influencers that aligns with your brand.

Build a sense of community

As Facebook and Instagram are increasing interactions between friends and families, building a sense of community on these social media platforms is key to stimulating engagement, where the algorithm will then detect this sense of community and therefore increase the visibility of your page.

Firstly, define who your audience are and their interests, then create a more niche content approach that relates to that certain market. For example, create relatable content, inspiring stories and most importantly, put your brand personality out there.

This way, your audience will most likely share the post or mention their friends and families in that post.

Get Personal

Take a step further than just building a sense of community. Let’s get personal with your followers. The new social media ‘story’ tool is increasingly becoming effective and is a more professional business approach than Snapchat.

The most popular stories for a business are based on merchandise content, followed by stories that give an inside look of what is happening in the business. It’s all about keeping your followers up to date with your business and maintaining that relationship by giving them the inside scoop.

Just remember to keep up to date with this new story tool, because Instagram are constantly adding new features such as polls, going live and allowing accounts to add a highlight story section onto profiles.

It’s all about the timing

Just like Facebook and Instagram algorithm, the answer to when to post always seem to change all the time as well. But now, most social media managers say that lunch time around 11 am to 1pm is the best time to post, followed by evenings from 7pm to 9pm. BUT that doesn’t mean those are the best times for your business.

It really depends on when your audience/ market is most active on their social accounts. For example, if you own a food franchise, then posting just before breakfast and dinner time would be most appropriate. And if you post at the right time, you have a better chance of racking up those likes!

Quality over Quantity

Since the algorithm change on the Facebook and Instagram feeds, the quality of content posts has never been so important than quantity. No matter how much you post, Facebook and Instagram will only detect quality content.

So rather than spamming your accounts with photos and quotes all the time, be creative with it! Come up with quality content like creative captions, constantly experimenting with new features – because they’re always coming up with new ones every month and more content on your product/ services.

Well, you have learned about the most important strategies for social media marketing and now its your turn to implement these on your business and get success.

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