5 Helpful Tips to Drive Your Sales Through Social Media

5 Helpful Tips to Drive Your Sales Through Social Media

Driving sales through social media is a common business challenge. This is because many business owners do not know how to utilize social media to its advantage and recognize the tools that Facebook and Instagram keep coming out with. Once you have finished reading this article and followed the 5 simple tips, you will see an increase in sales and your following.

Many businesses do not recognize the power in social media, and how it could be used as a selling platform to leverage business. Digital Marketing Brisbane agencies are always here to help!

With 2.5 billion users on social media, it is vital to capture and nurture the relationships with those customers and followers that you already have. Do not engage on social media for the sake of gaining large numbers of followers or connections, but rather focus on followers that meet your sales purposes.

Social media allows you to build a loyal following base and share your message in a unique way, resulting in generating sales and ultimately building a successful business. It is quickly becoming one of the most effective forms of online marketing. Here are five tips to helps you use social media internet marketing to drive more sales for your business.


Why not make it easier for your customers to shop with a simple tap on their smartphones from your social media posts? Facebook and Instagram have recently enabled the product tagging feature on their channels making it easier for users to identify product and price. This tool eliminates the trouble of customers directly messaging your business asking what product or price of that certain item is.

This feature creates a more enjoyable user experience and a sale funnel directing users to continue to the website. Early adopters of the technology are reporting increased traffic and sales from Instagram as a result of the tagging capability.


Once a user is exposed to your post, page or is actively following you, it is vital that businesses continue the sales funnel or immediately capture that lead by directing them back to the website. A simple way to do this is by displaying your website URL on your profile, contact us and about page.

A constant reminder for users, is by hyperlinking them through your posts with a call to action, for example, “Head to our page / Contact Us/ Learn More/ Swipe Up/ Shop Now”. Instagram stories have yielded strong results with their swipe-up linking feature which allows advertisers to direct users to their websites.

This new linking feature is a godsend for businesses who are struggling to drive users to their websites from their stories. It is an interactive fun way to get your customers to head to your website.


Communicating with your customers and clients are just as important as communicating to your online followers! To drive your sales through social media, it is helpful for businesses to get involved on their platforms, as the key to building lasting relationships is engagement.

Seek opportunities to engage with people who are active and make conversation the bridge between you and your audience. Use straightforward language, be descriptive and most importantly speak your audience language.


Businesses who repost their client and customer reviews seem to have a great sale impact, as it creates an authentic testimonial for their brand. It is said that 83% of consumers value peer recommendations and reviews above professional content. It builds trust and credibility.

Social media has become a platform that consumers have turned to, to find reviews and images of people using products and services. One of the perks of social media is that once customers see you celebrating the community by sharing their photos, they will be inspired to take their own photos related to your brand and share them with their following.

This creates an on-going user-generated content effect that will increase engagement both on social media and on your website.


Visuals impact buyer behaviour there’s no doubt about it, especially on social media. If your brand looks on point, your social media presence and sales will increase. Let visual marketing tell the story behind your company, product or service.

Cover photos are important when branding your social media pages, as it offers an immediate visual connection. Social media is a perfect branding opportunity, showing potential customers how your values and your brand aligns with them.

These are just some simple tips that I bet you did not even think of! We are always happy to share our knowledge, tips and tricks to help small to medium businesses be more aware of the importance of digital marketing.

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