What Is Email Marketing in Digital Marketing? Why Do Email Marketing?

What Is Email Marketing in Digital Marketing? Why Do Email Marketing?

Digital marketing is a diverse field with many variables. Digital marketing is a new trend that has evolved over time and has come to stay. The benefits offered by digital marketing have made it a significant part of marketing and an essential tool for any business that wants to grow. One of the branches of digital marketing that is fast becoming trendy is email marketing.

Whether you are just establishing a business or planning your next big promotion campaign, email marketing is the big move that will take you where you need to be.

Email marketing is the act of sending commercial messages to a group of people who are considered as potential clients or buyers. In its real sense, it involves using email as a platform for advertising. This allows business organizations to solicit for donations, sales and business partnership.

It is a strategic way of building brand awareness, loyalty and trust as well as establishing a cordial business relationship with clients and customers. It works by sending marketing email to customer contacts with the purpose of introducing or reminding them about a product or service.

While websites are essential to drive up sales and provide meaningful information about your company brand and services, the fact is that most new visitors on your website might never visit again if you do not have any other marketing strategy to make them stick with you and that is where email marketing comes. Establishing a contact list will help you retain customers.

Basically, your website is a general platform and people like personal communication, it is the only way they can trust your brand which is what email marketing helps you with. Recent research has shown that 72% of people prefer to receive promotional contents via email than seeing it on social media.

When you adopt email marketing, the probability of attracting clients is higher, it is a much better way to make money. Email marketing outshines selling on social media with a large margin, the social media is only a place for passive marketing message, the real result lies in email marketing. Email marketing is 40 times faster and more effective than social media marketing.

Search engine optimization on Google has also made it difficult to reach out to millions of people easily through social platforms. For your website to rank well on Google search, it has to have very high and unique quality content.

These days, strategies such as keyword-based anchor text and paid links donot do the trick anymore. The fact that there are too many websites trying to stay at the top of Google ranking has also made it highly competitive.

Thinking outside the box, many companies have moved to email marketing to build a more stable marketing strategy, hence rather than barely getting few clicks from time to time on websites and socialmedia, they have proceeded to a stable means of maximizing sales with freedom from worries that come with social media marketing such as getting penalized.

In essence, email marketing has become the future of marketing and has opened wider doors in the world of marketing with the numerous benefits it has to offer making it the ultimate 21st century digital marketing tool.

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