How to add Border in Passport size photo in Photoshop

border in passport photo

Here is the easiest and simplest guide to add a border in passport size photo in Photoshop. Having a border in your passport size photo gives an extra focus or highlight to your face that's why you should add a border of high contrast colour in your passport size photo.

How to add Border in Passport photo in Photoshop

Lets see how to add a border in passport size photo using Adobe Photoshop

After adjusting brightness, contrast, etc., I am going to crop the photo to Passport size (3.5cm x 4.5cm) using Crop Tool

After cropping the photo to passport size I am going to select the whole area of the photo. For that given steps are followed:

1. Select Marquee or Lasso Tool (Both Tool are working so select any one of them).

Select Marquee or lasso tool

2. Now right click on the photo and click on Select All

Right click and click on select all

Ok done, now we are going to add border on the selected area. For that follow the steps:

3. Right Click on the Photo and click on Stroke, a new window will be opened.

Right click and click on Stroke

4. Now select the width and the colour of the border (recomended width size is 3px or 4px). Location should be Inside. Now click on Ok.

Select Width colour of border

Done, border is successfully added to the passport size photo. Hope you easilly understand the tutorial of adding border to passport size photo in photoshop. If you facing any problem fell free to comment below, we will try to answer it very soon.