Median UI 1.6 - The most advanced Blogger Template

Median UI 1.6 is one of the best SEO friendly, highly optimized, Adsense friendly, clean, most advanced with unique features, superfast Blogger template of the current time.

median ui

The dashboard UI design on the Median UI Blogger template is soo impressive and unique that everyone gonna love it.

Median UI 1.6 Blogger theme is suitable for every type of Blog like - Tech, Gaming, Review, Job, etc.

Median UI 1.5 Blogger Template

Features of Median UI 1.6 Blogger Template

The latest version of Median UI blogger template is 1.6, which comes with some changes and fixes to the appearance and also includes several new features to the template.

Let's see some new features of the latest Median UI 1.6

Notification Header: Through this header notification widget you can show some special offer or discount or some special information to your blog reader.

Median UI notification header

Navigation menu: Till the Median UI version 1.4 you can edit/add navigation menu through the HTML editor only. But from the latest version of Median UI 1.6, you can easily edit it on Blogger layout.

Slider Widget: The slider widget is removed in the Median UI version 1.4. And it is again added to the Median UI 1.6.

Pop-up Profile widget: On previous versions of Median UI Profile widget located on the sidebar. On Median UI 1.6 Profile widget moved to the header section and added a pop-up menu. (It appears only on Home page.)

Median UI 1.5 Pop-up profile widget

Custom Post Page Layout: Three custom Post layouts available in the Median UI 1.6 - Fullpage, Sponsored, and Product. To activate these layouts you have to add one of these labels, - Fullpage, Sponsored, or Product as you need. If you add one of these labels, the appearance of that post on the home page, featured post and popular post also changes.

View demo: Fullpage, Sponsored, Product

Comment Section: The comment section in Median UI 1.6 comes with a simpler and improved appearance with pop-up feature. (you can disable the pop-up feature)

There are three comment option is available in median UI 1.6, these are

  • Default Blogger comment with pop-up feature (demo)
  • Disqus comment (demo)
  • Facebook comment (demo)

Images: There are three image layouts available in the Median UI 1.6 - Image with Grid Layout, Image with scroll layout, Image with Show All Function. (Demo)

Manual Related Post: You can add related posts to any paragraph and can also change the title. The links that you added to this related article will be indexed by the search robot as a referring page.

Manual related post median ui 1.5

Post break: This feature can be used to separate paragraphs or open a new discussion in a post.

Paragraph with Text Indent: This feature indent the first line of the paragraph with a predetermined value.  (Demo)

Paragraph with Drop cap: This feature resizes the first letter of the paragraph so that it drops one or more lines down. (Demo)

Blockquote: There are two Blockquote designs available on Median UI 1.6. (Demo)

Table: Tables of Median UI 1.6 is responsive, if number of columns exceeds the screen width it will automatically added scroll function to it.

Syntax Highlighter: This feature is used to show HTML code in Blog posts.

Faq/Toggle menu: This feature is used to add question answers or toggle menu to a blog post. (Demo)

Note Block: This feature of the Median UI template is used to show some highlight sentences, warnings or important info inside a blog post.

Note block median ui blogger template

External Link: This feature of Median UI blogger template 1.6 is used to show whether the link is external or internal on a blog post.

Median ui external link option

Button Link: There are different Button design available in Median UI such as - 

  • Standard Button
  • Button with download icon (with or without background)
  • Button with Whatsapp icon
  • Button with Cart (buy now) icon
  • Button with Open in another tab/go to other site icon

 You can add more <svg> icon on button as you need.

 Also, you can add a download Link as showing below.

Median ui download design

Lazy Youtube: This feature of the Latest median UI blogger template loads youtube videos after scrolling the page which increases the loading speed of the site. (Demo)

Post reference: This function is used to add a list of post references to articles that you write.

Split Post: Using this function of median UI 1.6 Blogger template you can split your article into multiple pages inside the blogpost. (Demo)

Automatic Table of content: Median UI blogger template has an automatic table of content generating feature, which generates an automatic table of content in a blog post from the headings used on the article. You can also disable this feature.

Where to download Median UI 1.6 Blogger Template?

Unfortunately, there is no free version of the Median UI Blogger template is available so, you have to buy this template from the owner/developer. To buy this template from the official site click here.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is Median UI Blogger Template Free?
Ans. No, Median UI is a Paid Blogger Template.

2. Is Median UI is Good for SEO?
Ans. Yes, Median UI is a SEO friendly Blogger Template.

3. Where can I buy Median UI Blogger Template?
Ans. You can buy Median UI Blogger template from the official site

4. Is Median UI respomsive?
Ans. Yes Median UI is ultra responsive.

5. Is Median UI Adsense friendly?
Ans. Yes Median UI is Adsense friendly.

6. Is Median UI is easy to customize?
Ans. Yes, you can easily customize Median UI blogger template.

7. Is Median UI fast?
Ans. Yes.

8. What is the price of Median UI blogger template?
Ans. The Price of Median UI blogger template is $13.

9. Which template is better Median UI or Fletro Pro?
Ans. Both are giving almost same performance so, you can choose anyone.

10. Is Median UI AMP version available?
Ans. Yes.

11. Is Median UI RTL version available?
Ans. Yes.